The recommendations given below will help to correctly use the trademarks and logos of ElectroDynamic Systems Software Scientific (“EDS–Soft”) and its partners.


In order to protect its customers, EDS–Soft takes all measures for the trademarks of EDS–Soft to identify EDS–Soft as a source of high–quality software products and services.

EDS–Soft forbids the use of its trademarks in any way that could misguide EDS–Soft customers. The prohibition is applied to developing, using or registering the names, labels, trademarks, symbols, phrases, domain names or other commercial use in those cases when this use may be mixed up with any of EDS–Soft trademarks.

EDS–Soft can replace, update or modify its trademarks and the recommendations provided herein concerning their use at any time. Please visit this page from time to time in order to stay informed about the latest modifications. We highly value your cooperation.

EDS–Soft Trademarks

Trademarks published on this site or in the software available on this site are the property of EDS–Soft or its partners. Any unauthorized use of such a trademark without permission from the owner of the trademark is forbidden.

EDS–Soft currently uses the following trademarks:

ElectroDynamic Systems Software Scientific™
GuidesArray Rectangular™
GuidesArray Circular™
GuidesArray Coaxial™
RefereesHelp Race™
If a trademark or logo is not on this list, it does not mean that EDS–Soft renounces its right to the intellectual property of its trademark or logo. This list and marks may be modified without written notification.

General Recommendations

There are two types of trademarks:
Registered trademarks (marked with the ® character) that have been officially registered and entered into the national trademark registry.
Unregistered trademarks (marked by the &trade character) that have not been officially registered, but are active or in the process of such registration.
Correctly use the ® and ™ characters on sites, packaging and also in documents, advertisements and other places where EDS–Soft trademarks appear irrespective of the medium. The corresponding character must be specified in all titles and subtitles in a text. If some part of the text includes a trademark and is used separately from the rest of the text, the first mention of the trademark in this part of the text must be also marked with the abovementioned character.

The list of trademarks used by EDS–Soft is given above. Please stick to a consistent style (i.e. using uppercase and lowercase characters) and use only letters from the Latin alphabet while writing a trademark. Every trademark must be used exactly as it is specified above and you may not abbreviate it and/or change its word order.

The use of EDS–Soft trademarks must not discredit EDS–Soft, EDS–Soft trademarks, software products or services provided by EDS–Soft and its partners. You may not create trademarks that may be mixed up with an EDS–Soft trademark.

EDS–Soft trademarks must not be used together with logos and trademarks of other organizations or as a part of the name of another organization or its products and services without written permission from EDS–Soft.

Include information that EDS–Soft owns its trademarks on your site, in documentation or advertisements. You may use this sample text: “EDS–Soft trademarks or logos are registered trademarks or trademarks of EDS–Soft.”.

Practical Recommendations

These recommendations illustrate how EDS–Soft trademarks should be correctly used in particular examples:
Neither use a separate trademark nor use a trademark as a noun. Always use a trademark as an adjective complementing it with the corresponding noun.
Correct: the GuidesArray Rectangular™ application is part of EDS–Soft™ business solutions.
Incorrect: GuidesArray Rectangular™ is an EDS–Soft™ application.
Do not use a trademark in the possessive form.
Correct: EDS–Soft™ business solutions.
Incorrect: EDS–Soft™’s business solutions.
Do not use trademarks in the plural form.
Correct: use GuidesArray Rectangular™ for your needs.
Incorrect: use GuidesArray Rectangulars™ for your needs.
Do not use EDS–Soft trademarks in the names of your own products, company or service.
Do not add other words, characters or numbers as well as one word and/or a hyphen to a trademark.
Correct: the RefereesHelp Race™ program is easy to install.
Incorrect: the RefereesHelp For Race™ program is easy to use.
Neither modify nor abbreviate a trademark.
Correct: use GuidesArray Circular™ to estimate antenna arrays.
Incorrect: use GA Circular™ to estimate antenna arrays.
Use the correct form of a trademark, including the correct use of capital letters and the correct spelling. Do not use italics while writing a trademark.
Correct: the GuidesArray Coaxial™ application is part of ElectroDynamic Systems Software Scientific™ business solutions.
Incorrect: the GuidesArray COAXIAL™ application is part of Electrodynamic Systems Software Scientific™ business solutions.

Logo Recommendations

In addition to the general recommendations on the use of trademarks, the following recommendations are applied to the use of graphical material (logos) that is part of an EDS–Soft trademark:
You may use a logo only with permission from EDS–Soft.
You may use an EDS–Soft logo only without any modifications in its informational content (characters, image parts or text), color and proportions. The logo may not be animated, written in a different manner or modified in any other way. It is possible to use the monochrome version of the logo under some exceptional circumstances (for example, in printing).
The logo that is a registered trademark must have the ® character.
You may not use the logo without express permission from EDS–Soft in those cases when its use may be understood as if it means that any materials, including but not limited to products, services, sites or documents not owned by EDS–Soft are financed by EDS–Soft, approved by EDS–Soft, licensed by EDS–Soft or are its part.
You may not use the logo in any ways that may discredit EDS–Soft, its products and services or other companies, organizations or private persons and their products and services.
You may not combine the logo with other text or graphics if this combination may distort the logo content.
You may not use the logo instead of the name of EDS–Soft, its products and services in printing.

Third Parties' Trademarks

The EDS–Soft software includes and uses technologies and software in accordance with licenses from third–party licensors. All rights to technologies and respective trademarks or registered trademarks mentioned on the site and in EDS–Soft products are the property of their respective owners. It is forbidden to use third parties' trademarks without special permission from their owners.