About GuidesArray Rectangular™

Published: 10/29/2010
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It is known that thanks to the high transmission capacity and low–loss waveguide transmission line, phased array antennas provide excellent characteristics for centimeter wave band. To achieve maximum efficiency while using phased array antennas, a reliable computer–aided engineering system is required. To this effect, GuidesArray Rectangular™ has been designed, a high end CAE system for modeling and analyzing two–dimensional phased array antennas created using rectangular waveguides.

Powerful program, GuidesArray Rectangular™ is created to facilitate managing directional diagram, increasing output, enhancing interference protection, and maximizing information extraction. The software streamlines time–consuming computational procedures, including those performed for best narrow–band wide-angle matching and requiring method of variation of parameters. GuidesArray Rectangular™ provides all the tools necessary for calculating parameters of phased array antennas with dielectrics.

Using diaphragm as a linkage can significantly improve matching of phased array antennas for a wide segment of scanning angles and move the resonance dip or even eliminate it, thus making the array frequency independent. GuidesArray Rectangular™ enables calculations of the optimal size and location of a diaphragm.

However, the functionality of the product is not limited to the listed features, and it boasts advanced calculation and analysis capabilities. The advantageous software provides an effective way to further optimize the use of phased array antennas and boost the performance.