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Antenna Array

Antenna array

Complex directional antenna consists of separate near-omnidirectional antennas (radiating elements) positioned in the space and driven by high-frequency …

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AA [x]

The principles of constructing antenna arrays (AA) and beam formers (BF) for broadband isolation increase between AA are formulated. The values of isolation levels for cosine and exponential amplitude distributions at the BFD outputs of microstrip broadband array antennas of various sizes are given....
Modified: 03/25/2008
Tags: analysis , transmitting , receiving , broadband , antenna array , AA
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... antenna system is described and the results of numeric modeling are presented. Speaking about the effectiveness of various ways to provide ultrawidebandness and wide angleness of a receiving antenna system (AS), we should note that in an antenna array (AA) it is usually rather difficult to combine these two properties. The aim of this work is to suggest a variant of constructing of a receiving AA providing a wide band of operating frequencies and wide sector of operating angles simultaneously. Then,...
Modified: 11/17/2007
Tags: wideband , ribbon , antenna array , scanning , AA
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... equations (4a) can be represented as follows: (4б) where Rot means rotor operation in the Cartesian coordinate system and , are vectors of electric and magnetic steady volume external “currents” caused by the curvature of the surface of the AA: (5) In the notation (5) — identity tensor, — tensor, covariant components of which are . If the carrier of exterior currents , is finite, then , when according to the uniqueness theorem [4]. As it follows from (4), the original diffraction ...
Modified: 04/19/2007
Tags: iterative , method , calculation , electromagnetic , field , conformal , antenna array , AA
Path: Home / Publications / Articles

Based on the solution of the boundary value problem for an infinite antenna array, a mathematical model of a finite flat antenna array in an infinite screen with impedance structure is built. Results of calculations are given by the example of radiant strips. In the work [1] based on the model of an infinite antenna array, a flat antenna array consisting of compact radiators with impedance structure of large inductive magnitude is considered. However, usage in antenna arrays of radiators of small...
Modified: 01/01/2007
Tags: boundary effect , wideband , antenna array , AA , strip
Path: Home / Publications / Articles

... radiant strips over an optimized waveguide array, contact ratio in frequency up to 2 and more in sector of angles ±55° in main planes can be obtained. In the article [1] two requirements for radiant strips (RS) of a wideband wide-angle antenna array (AA) are formulated: they must have small electric sizes and be located in a plane, wave impedance Z of which satisfies the condition , where W =120π — wave impedance of the free space, in the entire working area. This article researches the ...
Modified: 12/14/2006
Tags: antenna array , rectangular , waveguide , AA
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Results of research of characteristics of printed-circuit vibrator radiators in plane infinite and finite phased arrays. When researching electrodynamical characteristics of the vibrator radiator, the charge method is used. To determine the direction diagram in the finite array, the boundary wave method is used along with the results of modeling of the infinite vibrator phased array. The radiator in question is a thin metallic plate, located on a single side of the dielectric substrate with dielectric...
Modified: 01/31/2006
Tags: infinite , finite , antenna array , AA , vibrator , radiator
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The properties of the radiant strips over the impedance surface of the infinite flat PAA with a small period have been concerned. If the abso-lute value of the surface impedance is higher than wave resistance of the free space, the frequency overlap ratio amounts to 2,0 and more at the angle domain of ±60° in the principal planes. In ...
Modified: 08/25/2003
Tags: strip , array antenna , model , AA
Path: Home / Publications / Articles

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