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Antenna Array

Antenna array

Complex directional antenna consists of separate near-omnidirectional antennas (radiating elements) positioned in the space and driven by high-frequency …

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Various schemes of projective methods: the incomplete Galerkin method scheme, used when researching the electromagnetic waves in waveguides, filled with anisotropic medium; incomplete Galerkin methods with impedance boundary conditions, modified projective linking method are considered. Radio engineering and electronics
Modified: 12/31/2005
Tags: Projective method , waveguide , Galerkin method , electromagnetic wave
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The infinite array of stepped plane-parallel waveguides with dielectric inserts and projected dielectric elements, excited by TEM-waves is analyzed in this article using the integral equation for electric field (polarization current) in the projected element and field linking method in the horn; ...
Modified: 12/30/2005
Tags: integral equation , polarization , current , analysis , waveguide , antenna array , dielectric
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... range of the applied electrodynamics problems, witch can be solved analytically. As an example, the advantage of this method over the classic method of variable division has been demonstrated for determining Е -wave family in triangular cross section waveguide while solving the internal boundary value problems with two–dimensional Helmholtz equation. An obvious example of realization of advantages of the generalized Fourier method GFD [1] over the classic one in solving of applied electrodynamics ...
Modified: 05/13/2004
Tags: Fourier , waveguide , triangular , boundary problems
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The results of estimating the characteristics of coaxial emitters in flat phased arrays. Rectangular and circular waveguides are used as emitters in phased arrays [1]. We are interested in arrays made with open endings of coaxial waveguides excited by a mode . Such waveguides have a fairly high operating power while their cross-section sizes are much less than that ...
Modified: 08/08/2003
Tags: coaxial , waveguide , emitter , phased array
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