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Antenna Array

Antenna array

Complex directional antenna consists of separate near-omnidirectional antennas (radiating elements) positioned in the space and driven by high-frequency …

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The analysis of possibilities to build ultrabroadband wide-angle antenna arrays and beam formers

Published: 10/15/2010
Language: russian
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Currently it is urgently necessary to use planar phased antenna arrays (PAA) and active multipath antenna arrays (AMAA) with the operating frequency range of several octaves and the operating azimuth comparable to a hemisphere. Antenna arrays based on such known principles as waveguide, vibrator, microstrip and so on do not meet the specified requirements and cannot meet them in principle.

The heuristic analysis of the problem shows that it can be solved on the following premises:

The array is based on a periodic structure with its inputs interacting before radiation goes to a free space.
The field pattern in the cross-section of the structure in case of uniform excitation with linear phase progression is close to the field pattern of a plane wave moving away from the array aperture.
The wave propagation coefficient inside the structure is close to the propagation coefficient in a free space.
The structure period must not be greater than half the operating wavelength.
The article briefly describes and grounds the possibility to build radiating elements of ultrabroadband wide-angle antenna arrays and beam formers.

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